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Staff Writers
Staff Writers: Helen and Cat

Wight Catwalk was conceived as an organ through which to celebrate the Isle of Wight’s street style. But what is stylish? Is it solely the preserve of the under twenty-fives – with their smooth skin, implausibly stick-thin legs and wholesome smiles. No, we say!

The ‘Just Seventeen‘ days of the staff writers of Wight Catwalk are some way behind them, but they’re not quite ready to join the ranks of elderly muses clad in cock-eyed hats and wrist-challenging bangles that frolic across the pages of the awesome Advanced Style Blog. Wight Catwalk is pitched somewhere in between, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like a spray-on jegging or a statement cuff, no siree.

Join us as we catalogue our journeys through style – whether you are under fifty, over fifty or prefer not to say.