Street talk

Space 1999

Is ‘the future’ still bright?

When I was a kid, the future was full of shiny optimism. Yes, we had acid rain and the threat of nuclear Armageddon to face, but we also had Tomorrow’s World, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and fictional silver-suited moon-based personnel.

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The clothes rail starts to fill up

Making a Swish

There’s a joke that’s made on the Isle of Wight every March, when the clocks change, which is: “Don’t forget to put your clock forward – to 1952”.

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Madonna (Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot/Interview Magazine)

“When’s Madonna Going to Get a Proper Job?”

Back in in the late 1980s I was watching Top of the Pops with my mum. On came Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ video and, as she watched the American songstress writhe, crotch-grab and simulate sex in her trademark style, my mother snorted “When’s Madonna going to get a proper job?”

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