Welcome to Wight Catwalk

The Isle of Wight has traditionally been behind the curve. Back in the opulent eighties, while yuppies were pinging their red braces in London’s Square Mile fuelled by adrenaline and cocaine, this sunny county was gently rocking to the end-of-the-pier antics of Cannon and Ball. Fast-forward to the noughties and the Island was catapulted into the world’s consciousness as the venue for the resuscitated Isle of Wight Festival, aka ‘Rock Island’.  As rock royalty and its attendant liggers and groupies swept in – even uber rock chick Kate Moss chose to have her hen night at the festival – it seemed that suddenly this was the Place to Be. Since then, Robert Pattinson and on-off girlfriend Kirsten Stewart have been regular visitors, plus other A-list stars, including er… P Middy and  is-he-or-isn’t-he Johnny Depp.

But, despite all of this celebrity endorsement and patronage from society gals and rock dinosaurs, the Island has steadfastly turned the other ruddy weathered cheek when it comes to having a street-style blog. This every-person art form has been embraced all around the world, with galleries celebrating the peoples’ fashion, from London, New York and Tokyo – and now, at last, the Isle of Wight. On these pages you’ll find pictures of the Island’s beautiful people, the idiosyncratic, the street characters and anyone who’s out and proud.

The blog also features and reviews accessories and beauty treatments which can all be procured without having to cross the Solent.

Want to get involved? Drop us a line. Or email hello@wightcatwalk.co.uk. Picture contributions welcome – visit the ‘Me too!’ page to find out how. Strike a pose!

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