Tutti Frutti Scootie

Describing their look as tutti frutti, Oxford couple Becky and George arrived on matching citrus-coloured Lambrettas.

Oxford couple Beccy and George arrived on matching citrus-coloured ‘tutti frutti’ Lambrettas. Style blogger Beccy is the curator of the Mod Closet; she and George had come early to get first dibs of the Island vintage and charity shops.

Becky and George

George was looking particularly natty in his ticking-striped jacket and was easy to spot in the crowd. As he talked us through his look, he advised that one should “never wear a shirt without a collar”.

Ticking striped jacket

We noticed that both George and Beccy had yellow accents to their outfits, to match their scooters. Even George’s chunky Cat brand watch had yellow detailing…

Cat watch

…as did Beccy’s Ray-Bans and Diesel helmet. Beccy was proud to show is the ‘FS’ monogram on her yellow lid, explaining that it marks her out as a female scooterist.

Yellow accent


Full time mod dresser Beccy mixes vintage, new and charity shop buys. She told us, “The mod scene is very non-judgemental when it comes to what you wear; clothes are always a conversation point.” Beccy’s dressmaking skills come in handy to ensure the bargains have the regulation mod good-fit; she tailored George’s jacket to give him that sharp look.

For the scooter rally Beccy wore practical micro-check trousers and burgundy loafers, but at work she sticks to shift dresses and heels. George wore classic black leather Chelsea boots, explaining that “trainers are for the gym”.

Classic loafers

Finally groceries: Aldi or Lidl? “Both!”, replied George.

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  1. says: Cat James

    Hee! A small, but significant, slip of the pen. I have edited the post so it doesn’t sound like you and George are tutti fruttis!

    It was lovely to meet you both; the Isle of Wight was a more colourful place this weekend. 🙂

    1. Thanks Cat …but you did give us such a laugh; George hasn’t stopped calling me ‘Froots’ since he read your post 🙂 I imagine things have quietened down on the island (and probaby smell sweeter) since the scooters left. See you all next year! xx

  2. It was so much fun to meet you both! George and I had an amazing weekend on the Island; we’re already thinking about next year!

    Incidentally, I think I described our scooters as looking like a couple of tutti frutties …I’m not sure I would describe George and I that way (although thank you for the belly laugh …and the ribbing I’m sure will be coming our way) 🙂 xx