Ticket to Ryde

Tell you what, if anyone is going to give the street style photographer value for money, then it’s gonna be scooterists. Every August Bank Holiday, Ryde belongs to these lads and ladies; they fill the resort with the sound and smells of their two-stroke bikes. The amount of effort that goes into keeping their vintage vehicles in pristine, or at least roadworthy, condition must not be underestimated. Commanding an equal amount of effort are the ensembles created by the scooterists. With our trusty street-cam in hand, we mingled with the folks at Western Gardens to record the outfits that caught our eye. Click through to see the details.

Beccy and George, Oxford

Sharp dressers Beccy and George even have co-ordinated tutti frutti scooters.

Beccy and George

Donna, Chesterfield

We loved Donna‘s understated style.


Chelsea and Sian, Southampton

Chelsea and Sian are keeping the faith with their authentic gear.

Sian and Chelsea

Jurassic Steve, Lake

Local boy Steve is one of the original 1960s mods.

Jurassic Steve

Thanks to everyone who posed for us. It was a delight to talk to you. We hope that you had a lovely weekend.

Photographed at Western Gardens, Ryde during August Bank Holiday. Thanks for coming to the Isle of Wight – come back next year, y’all!

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