Donna; Summer

With her distinctive haircut and soft androgyny, petite Donna stood out in the crowd of scooterists. She has a really cool look.


Although she had a ‘Derby Mods’ sticker on her vintage Lambretta, Donna was keen to point out that she was from Chesterfield having travelled from there to the Island for the scooter rally.

Donna wore a blue crew-neck sweater with a hint of polka dot polo shirt revealed at the neck. A full-time smart mod dresser she explained, “a nice thing about the mod scene is how individual you can be – lots of girls go for the vintage dresses but I prefer a sharper casual look”.

Clark's shoes

Riding a scooter requires practical clothing; Donna had chosen a chic needle cord trouser. Her suede brogue-style perforated flats are by Clark’s; smart shoes for the mod groove. Her outfit was accessorised by a fitting Adidas Vespa-print flight bag.



Our final question for Donna? The all important: salt ‘n’ vinegar or cheese ‘n’ onion? “Salt and vinegar every time”.

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