Bill: old school raver

I met Bill in Carisbrooke, at the Blacksmiths pub. He caught my eye with his distinctive casual look, with a striking vintage shell-suit jacket.

Bill Chatfield

Although I’ve always got a weather-eye out for the Isle of Wight’s stylish when in town, sometimes the rural areas pay off too. I met Ryde’s Bill in Carisbrooke, where he was having dinner at the Blacksmiths pub. I liked his distinctive casual look, with striking vintage shell-suit jacket.

How would you describe your look, Bill?
My look is kinda old school raver. I like older gear as it’s better quality; with skinnies and modern trainers.

Talk me through today’s outfit.
This vintage jacket is by Lacoste.


I’m guessing you’re a fan of designer labels?
Yes, I’m wearing a YSL tee, with Nudie Jeans Co skinny denims and Calvins.


And your accessories?
My Fossil watch was a present from my dad. I’m wearing Asics trainers. If I’d have known you were going to photograph them I would’ve cleaned them up!

Thanks Bill!





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