While the rest of the country knocks itself out with hatred towards immigrants, vitriol against ‘benefit scroungers’ and apportions rain blame to homosexuals in legal relationships, the Isle of Wight is (hopefully) a place of sunshine and acceptance. Which is why London-based transvestite Irene Michaela (left) feels comfortable coming here on her holidays. Spotted in Ryde High Street back in 2012 with a friend, Irene was clearly enjoying the spring sunshine in her cream jacket, tiered chiffon skirt and sandals. Not quite warm enough for bare legs, she has sensibly kept her ten deniers on to keep the wind from whistling.

Irene Michaela’s friend, despite wearing a rather daring pair of open-toed platforms, is negotiating Ryde’s hilly streets with apparent ease. Wight Catwalk hopes that the girls come back for their holidays again soon – they’d be very welcome.

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